Diary – journal, notebook

Write everything in your life.


Diary is a multifunctional notebook app which allows you write everything in your life.
You can use Diary to save your entries about work, journal and private personal. Also you can record journey logs.
App features;

– Write note about everything
– Create, modify and delete a entry
– List entries geolocational or timeline
– Show entries on map with parent folder colors
– Filter entries by date, tag, location (geotag), folder and category
– Easy to use filter bar view
– Add folder or category with desired color
– Add tags
– Add locations (auto, choose on map or search by keyword)
– Edit, delete categories(folder,tag,location(geotag))
– Use emoticons on your entries
– Backup your entries and attachments to SD or DropBox
– Recovery your entries from backup archive
– Attach multiple photos at once
– Attach multiple video files at once
– Attach audio files such as mp3, ogg etc
– Attach documents such as pdf, word, excel, powerpoint (required 3. party application to open these file types)
– Take photo from camera and attach
– Record video from camera and attach
– Set a password to protect your entries
– Change apperiance
– Change application colors
– Attach weather information to entries (include various weather icons)
– Set reminder to entry
– Colored calendar view
– Auto location feature
– Move multiple entries between folders
– Word and character counter
– 15 exclusive fonts
– Undo / Redo
– Auto saved entry edit mode
– Easy-to-use



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Full Version




Lite Version



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