Dig it!

 Prepare yourself for a journey to the center of earth!

Start mining to collect various ores and gemstones. Draw route to control vehicle, sell collected gems and upgrade your vehicle to dig through deeper and move faster. Also you can use upgradable explosive items to clear durable stones and collect more gemstones. However, be careful that digging deeper requires more fuel and power so your vehicle should be ready to dig deeper.

– 19 types of gemstone
– 2 different vehicles
– Upgradable vehicle parts
– Upgradable extra items
– A giant map with 5 types of
– Easy vehicle control with drawing route

Screenshot_2015-05-01-13-08-27 Screenshot_2015-05-01-17-14-15 Screenshot_2015-05-01-21-45-48 Screenshot_2015-05-02-07-55-58 Screenshot_2015-05-02-07-56-07 Screenshot_2015-05-02-07-56-49



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